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What if the answer is never the truth?

Listen to this song; the beat and lyrics are just outstanding!

I guess all I can say is: too bad that they don’t exist anymore. They did a great job…

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Underwater Love

While creating my blog my intention wasn’t to post so many videos. But I can’t help myself. When I hear or see something I adore I wan’t to share it with you. There is another great song called Underwater Love made by Smoke City. You can listen to some portuguese here, isn’t it beautiful? I love almost everything connected to Portugal.

Have a great day! Don’t just survieve your life, live it! Day by day do something that will make a smile on your face and a sun in your heart…

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Just breathe

Take time for yourself and relax by listening to that nice chill-out music…

It happens to many people that years just pass by without  being happy. Don’t be one of them. It’s better to make sure that your life will be worth watching  when you’ll be remembering it before you die.

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Who am I?

My dear friend once told me that the most interesting people he ever met where those who had no idea what to do in life. I could add that neither they know who they are. I came across with some identification problems myself. At the moment I’m reading “Understanding Privacy” by Daniel J. Solove. That man has a great sense of writing in interesting and yet instructive way. He mentiones many interesting things. The one I just read is about a parable “Everything and Nothing” written by Jorge Luis Borges and in the end of which we can read as follows:

Shakespeare: ” I who have been so many men in vain want to be one and myself.”

The voice of the Lord answered him:” Neither am I anyone; I have dreamt the world as you dreamt your work, my Shakespeare, and among the forms in my dream are you, who like myself are many and no one.”

The moral of this story as far as I can understand it is:

Even if you don’t know who you are, you might have done an important impact on other people. You made them see and think differently, which is a huge sucess.

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Unmade beds

Last night I went with a friend of mine to the castle in Ljubljana to watch movie under stars. I have chosen Unmade beds and that decision turned out to be awesome. The movie is about youngsters trying to figure out what they want from life and during that just party. There are some great dialogs and songs. I had fun watching it and you might too. There is a trailer for you to see.

And there is this song “I’m fine” which I adore. It’s relaxing and it makes me feel free.

That’s a song that makes me feel like someone special is whispering words to me…

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Siddharta is one of my favourite slovenian bands (besides Big Foot Mama, Nude,…). I prefer their older  songs, so I’m giving you the chance to listen to one of them in english version.Of course slovenian version is better, but due to the language barriers the english one will have to do.

The video shows an obsessive affection of the leading actor towards the actress, which brings him to killing. The penalty is death by electric chair. The band – the jurors – observe the execution as the couple is finally reunited after death with tombstones placed side by side. Due to its controversy the video made a significant impact on the Slovene public.

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These days I’m reading lots of stuff related to Facebook and I found this anti Facebook song. I think it’s funny and I thought it would be nice to share it with you.

Yup, I’m still addicted to Facebook and I’m working on my thesis according to that. I was supposed to start with my internship on Thursday but unfortunately I had a car crash a day before and because I didn’t feel well I had to postpone it on Monday. I can’t wait to start working in Information Comissioner office, it’s like my dream job. Since I need money I’m working in my dad’s restaurant during weekend as well so I guess I’ll be very tired in some days. You know, working until 17pm than I have to go to the lawyer, doctor, insurance company…to get some money for all problems that lady caused me by not stopping at stop sign…Wish me luck and guess what? I’m still smiling!

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Not someone but The one

Feeling romantic? Well why not. It’s nice to listen to a romantic song and think of our beloved. Backstreet boys are making music like that. First let me tell you one funny thing since I mentioned that group. When I was in primary school, in third grade or so, one of my “cool” schoolmades told me that if I want to be cool I have to have a favourite group among Kelly family, Backstreet Boys and similar. I have choosen Backstreet Boys. I don’t know if it made me cool. But now I’m not 13 anymore and things like that don’t matter to me anymore. I’m unique. That’s better. Anyway, they have a song called As long as you love me. Listen to it.

Now when you have heard it I want you to think about the text of the song: “I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, as long as love me…” Hmm, so they are so desperate that they don’t won’t a person that they love to love them but just someone, no matter who. That’s so stupid. The main thing when loving someone should be that you love him/her for who they are! So the text of that song is like you would hear someone desperate searching for love. But love can’t find you, it just comes when you meet the right person. And you feel in love because you like them as a person, for who they are. So this song for me it ain’t a love song at all. So think carefully before starting thinking about the one you love while listening to that song.

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Addicted to Facebook?

I have 267 friends. I’m in a relationship and I like strawberries. All that and a lot more you can find out on my Facebook profile. You can see how I look like and what my name and my last name are. You can see photos from my Erasmus exchange, from my holiday and from my birthday party. You can see who my friends are and what I’m doing and how I’m thinking. You can take my photos of and distribute them without my permission. I’ve made some private customization which differ from beginning settings (when everything is public). I write and read stuff every day. Every single day. In the morning and in the evening. If I’ve some minutes off I go on-line to check up what’s new. Ok, why do I’ve a Facebook profile? Because it seemed cool and easy to use. To keep in touch or to rebuilt contacts. From curiousity. To chat. To get information. To find out about events and not to forget birthdays. Ok, stop. I’m addicted. I admit that. And I’m afraid. From possible abuse of my information and photos. Even if my profile isn’t public here is a possibility that I don’t know all Facebook friends very well (so true) and also those people who aren’t my friends can see my photos. There are whole procedures described on Youtube. You can watch on of them here. There were cases when people failed a complaint claiming that their photos have been abused (shown in media) and investigators refused to help them due to the fact that they or their friends have friends which they don’t even know (which is quite common nowadays). Be afraid, be very afraid. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, says that the age of privacy is over. That society has changed and that people like the fact that everyone can know everything about them. That’s so arrogant from him to say. If he thinks that Facebook is the leader of the society…well, so not true. They manipulated us. Step by step. We have to open our eyes. I’ll write my thesis about that, Privacy on internet based on Facebook.

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Am I crazy?

What is normal? Why do people concern normal as something good? Why being different makes people think that you are crazy? So we should all be like ships, having the same values, always be polite and not to have our own opinion? We should just follow the crowd…do the same as others…where did that lead us? There are no jobs for people that actually finished their studies…I was recently talking to a woman and she said that she doesn’t understand why do people look down on her because her daughter didn’t enroll on high school but has chosen to go on nursery school instead. People assume that getting profession straight away instead of studying for years means that you just aren’t smart enough to do so. That you are part of so called “working class” that doesn’t have brain and that you are only good for something less important and valued. Nowadays most of pupils enrolls on high school, after words on universities and that they think that’ll assure them a job. During that time they are being passive and they don’t do anything to be better than other. And than they wake up because after writing two or three job applies they don’t get a job. Wake up!!! I’m not saying that it’s impossible to get a job but it’s very hard, that’s for sure. So if you don’t intend to be super active during your studies don’t even bother to finish them. Rather go on specialized school and get one of the professions that are needed on today’s market. We can’t all be managers, can we? And people should be respected for what they are doing and not looked down at. Now some of you might say that I’m crazy, that education is important, blabla. Don’t bullshit to me. Stop being so conservative. Now everyone has a degree which is only a ticket for the match. So try to be different and be smarted than others.  I would decide differently if I would have known that everything will collapse. There are no jobs, people. They were for our parents, but not for us. People work until they aren’t so wormed out that they can’t do much more.  Take some of our professors for example. Ok, they might have been good in the past, but no they should give place to others. They should give place to young people with new ideas and lots of energy.

I just described a huge problem. I opened my eyes, but how does this help me? I don’t study to get an E or something and forget everything the day after. I would like to understand and learn, to connect things and I would like to make a difference. Just look our politicians, they only care about their salary and they don’t give a shit about their citizens. And yet we voted them. Corruption. And don’t think that students that get on important positions do much better. I guess power makes people bad, selfish and ignorant. And we can only see them making us wolf to wolf.

Everyone that thinks diferent will be locked down and be threated as a madman. Soon we’ll become one. That happened to McMurphy in One Flew over the Cuckoo\’s Nest.  Worth of watching. You can get your own impression if he was crazy here, before they did that.

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