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What is normal? Why do people concern normal as something good? Why being different makes people think that you are crazy? So we should all be like ships, having the same values, always be polite and not to have our own opinion? We should just follow the crowd…do the same as others…where did that lead us? There are no jobs for people that actually finished their studies…I was recently talking to a woman and she said that she doesn’t understand why do people look down on her because her daughter didn’t enroll on high school but has chosen to go on nursery school instead. People assume that getting profession straight away instead of studying for years means that you just aren’t smart enough to do so. That you are part of so called “working class” that doesn’t have brain and that you are only good for something less important and valued. Nowadays most of pupils enrolls on high school, after words on universities and that they think that’ll assure them a job. During that time they are being passive and they don’t do anything to be better than other. And than they wake up because after writing two or three job applies they don’t get a job. Wake up!!! I’m not saying that it’s impossible to get a job but it’s very hard, that’s for sure. So if you don’t intend to be super active during your studies don’t even bother to finish them. Rather go on specialized school and get one of the professions that are needed on today’s market. We can’t all be managers, can we? And people should be respected for what they are doing and not looked down at. Now some of you might say that I’m crazy, that education is important, blabla. Don’t bullshit to me. Stop being so conservative. Now everyone has a degree which is only a ticket for the match. So try to be different and be smarted than others.  I would decide differently if I would have known that everything will collapse. There are no jobs, people. They were for our parents, but not for us. People work until they aren’t so wormed out that they can’t do much more.  Take some of our professors for example. Ok, they might have been good in the past, but no they should give place to others. They should give place to young people with new ideas and lots of energy.

I just described a huge problem. I opened my eyes, but how does this help me? I don’t study to get an E or something and forget everything the day after. I would like to understand and learn, to connect things and I would like to make a difference. Just look our politicians, they only care about their salary and they don’t give a shit about their citizens. And yet we voted them. Corruption. And don’t think that students that get on important positions do much better. I guess power makes people bad, selfish and ignorant. And we can only see them making us wolf to wolf.

Everyone that thinks diferent will be locked down and be threated as a madman. Soon we’ll become one. That happened to McMurphy in One Flew over the Cuckoo\’s Nest.  Worth of watching. You can get your own impression if he was crazy here, before they did that.


March 18, 2010 - Posted by | Reviews, Thoughts about life, Uncategorized

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