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Born to be wild

This video was made by my friend and me during our Erasmus exchange in Lisbon, for a course called Portuguese history and culture. Video content has nothing to do either with portuguese history or culture but still it was part of a grade…This can happen only in Lisbon! Pure enjoyment…Video is about my flatmate Nikita, an interesting german boy.


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Is there some similarity?

I noticed before that Lisbon is kind of similar to Piran ( Slovenian coast city). In both cities there are narrow streets, houses aren’t built in straight lines, houses are simple and old and both cities lie by the water. Yesterday I went to Piran and I took a photo of a view from a view point by the church. Bellow that photo you can see a photo from a view point under Lisbon’s castle. Lisbon lies by river Tejo, Piran lays by Jadransko sea… But river Tejo is so wide that many people thinks there is a sea. Anyway both cities are beautiful and that trip made me want to go back to Lisbon even more.

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ISCTE, Festa do Calorio

I found this video…I was present at that party and I can tell you that it was awesome! There were four stages with different kinds of music (reggae, house, electro, drum’n’ bass). On main stage among others Tom Novy was present… They organize Festa do Calorio every year and its very popular party not only among ISCTE students. I can’t imagine something like that would ever be done at my home faculty in Slovenia…The whole faculty full of students having fun, dancing,…WAAAAUUU!

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Bridge in Lisbon

This is a photo of one of the beautiful bridges in Lisbon.

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This weekend I felt quite bad. I missed my staying in Lisbon and my flatmates so much that I made this amateur movie for them. To show them how much I care…

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What about going slow?

In portuguese way…as slow as…

If you haven’t heard yet you have to take it easy while being in Lisbon. Relax. Chill out.

You must have heard the famous saying: “While being in Rome do as Romans do.”

So this goes vice versa for Lisbon and every other city in the world. This is how you get to know its culture. Don’t go abroad and eat in McDonald’s only. You have to feel it!

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While being in Lisbon I have visited ZOO…I like animals and since this is what you can see in ZOO…we went…

As we found out that some animals are not only cute but also bright… they can play a main role in a show by doing excatly the same as human does…amazing…

…we all like dolphins, don’t we?

They can do amazing tricks and they look like they would always smile 🙂

Seniorita Tall in action…

Here you can see Mr. Huge…lazy as usually…

And funky monkies…lets jump, lets climb, lets be cute as we always are…

they can look ugly…and fake…but that’s what makes them interesting…

be afraid…be very afraid…

more and more…did those photos attract your attention? Well, if you ever find your-self in Lisbon go and visit Jardim Zoologico…It’s worth of 17eur entrance (discount for students 3eur)…

We enyojed our day…I hope you enyojed my short report as well.

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Two days before my Erasmus ends…

Here I am sitting in our apartment my two flat mates (the last survivors) and two German guys (graffiti writers), listening »It’s raining man« and talking about the meaning of the song. I didn’t realize before what that text. In German “Es regnet man” means »People, it’s raining.« But actually it means that man (plural of men) are raining as if you would answer on the question »What is raining?«. Interesting, I might say. I should admit that yesterday before going to Bairro Alto I felt like going home right now. I didn’t want to stay here anymore. That’s because it hurts when friends you make go back to their home country. But later, while partying with friends that are still here, I really wanted to stay here longer. I’m leaving Lisbon. Nooo, let me stay longer. I won’t see these, close to my heart, people. But I’m going HOME, to see friends and family. Boy, I miss them. It’s weird to go back after half a year. This period was the best experience ever, months that I’ll never forget.

Lisboa amo-te!

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There are some things I’ll never forget

Some things are just priceless. Staying in Lisbon for 6 months gave me so much… For those who are wondering if it’s possible to fall in love with the city -> the answer is YES!!! Each city has its soul, people, buildings, history, events,… I guess I was lucky to come here and be surrounded with amazing people. I’ll never forget what happened in Lisbon. But it isn’t easy to say goodbye… Imagine living with some people for six months, if you get along with them very good, they become your new family.  One of my dearest friends already left, it hurts so much. I truly hope we’ll meet again because he’s one of the best guys in the world…Wherever you’ll go -> I wish you to be happy!!!

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One sunny day

Lets make it clear first – here in Lisbon it’s sunny for six days straight. And I’m sitting in my room (which I adore) and study for the exam which is due tomorrow… So looking outside makes me think: why the hell am I inside??? Well – what has to be done, has to be done. One of my dear frinds told me: “I also hate it when I have to study. But when the exam period is over I know that being a students is the best thing in the world.” So I just have to wait until tomorrow 🙂 I truly hope I’ll pass cause it’s the most difficult exam I ever had… Oh well, lets trust in ourselves 😉 So I hope that the sun won’t stop shinning tomorrow!!!

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