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La vita e bella



You might have been wondering why I don’t post lately. Well, as I have mentioned before I took some time off.

I went to Italy to visit my friends from Erasmus exchange. We have visited Padova, Venice and Bologna.

We drank billion cups off coffee and ate pasta.







After a few days being at home me and my boyfriend had a road trip to Bratislava, Brno, Telč and Prague.

Both trips were amazing and they made me feel better. I simply love travelling and recharging batteries that way.

I can say: “La vita e bella!



Now I need to prepare for a week of debating on international level according to multiculturalism and minorities… Well I also have to watch a movie or two on Liffe (film festival which offers amazing pieces of art to be seen). After all that amazing trips I’ll focus on something that bothers me and that I want to have it done – my thesis! Sorry once again for not sharing my mind with you by not posting anything new but I promise that after my sweet November I’ll do so.



And please think about this:

“We are not getting any younger; if your style of life isn’t making you happy it’s better to stop for a while and think about what can you do to make it better. Take some time off and allow yourself to be happy again. I have lost my smile but now I found it again!”

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Colours of autumn

When you see nature in the most amazing dress you can think off you understand that no human being can break her down…

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