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Slovenia is a small country that borders on Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

It isn’t rare that people confuse Slovenia with Slovakia and vice versa… It doesn’t even make us angry. We just think that people are ignorant and not that our country is to small and not important enough to be known. Only when we say that Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia people say: “Oh, yes! I heard about Yugoslavia!” So this is link – you tell people the connection with Slovenia and Yugoslavia and the problem is solved. One of my colleagues got a brilliant idea.

Slovenia should be called SEXY,  that stands for Slovenia EX Yugoslavia!


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Colours of autumn

When you see nature in the most amazing dress you can think off you understand that no human being can break her down…

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Kopalkanje is a couple of summer events in my home town – Domžale. Kopalkanje means being in swimming suit or something like that, it’s not even a word that actually exists. It should associate you to the pool party. There is a swimming pool and Students association for students living in Domžale (others are more than welcome but they have to pay a few euros to get there) organizes these events three times during the summer.  I already went to one of them this summer and most likely I’m going this Friday as well. It’s fun, it’s close and it’s free.

You can check out pool parties from the previous summer.

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Siddharta is one of my favourite slovenian bands (besides Big Foot Mama, Nude,…). I prefer their older  songs, so I’m giving you the chance to listen to one of them in english version.Of course slovenian version is better, but due to the language barriers the english one will have to do.

The video shows an obsessive affection of the leading actor towards the actress, which brings him to killing. The penalty is death by electric chair. The band – the jurors – observe the execution as the couple is finally reunited after death with tombstones placed side by side. Due to its controversy the video made a significant impact on the Slovene public.

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