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Last week I’ve been in Belgium and Netherlands with my University. We’ve seen Brussels, Rotterdam, Haag and Amsterdam. There is a photo from Amsterdam as you might have guessed so far… This city was the one I liked most!

I know it has been a while since I last wrote anything. There has been some changes in my life and it hasn’t been easy. But what I did was listening to my heart and just went for it. For new life that awaits me. I got the feeling that I’m not as happy as I could be. I want to laugh and shine. I live my life the way I want!


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La vita e bella



You might have been wondering why I don’t post lately. Well, as I have mentioned before I took some time off.

I went to Italy to visit my friends from Erasmus exchange. We have visited Padova, Venice and Bologna.

We drank billion cups off coffee and ate pasta.







After a few days being at home me and my boyfriend had a road trip to Bratislava, Brno, Telč and Prague.

Both trips were amazing and they made me feel better. I simply love travelling and recharging batteries that way.

I can say: “La vita e bella!



Now I need to prepare for a week of debating on international level according to multiculturalism and minorities… Well I also have to watch a movie or two on Liffe (film festival which offers amazing pieces of art to be seen). After all that amazing trips I’ll focus on something that bothers me and that I want to have it done – my thesis! Sorry once again for not sharing my mind with you by not posting anything new but I promise that after my sweet November I’ll do so.



And please think about this:

“We are not getting any younger; if your style of life isn’t making you happy it’s better to stop for a while and think about what can you do to make it better. Take some time off and allow yourself to be happy again. I have lost my smile but now I found it again!”

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After all this time that passed by without any posts added by me all I have for you is one short one. I’m sorry about that but I don’t have any time what so ever. There is this Internship, writing of my thesis and exams that I have to deal with…All that is challenging and demanding thing to do and since I have to deal with deadlines I have no time to write or do things whuch i usually do. Sometimes in life you just have to set some priorities to reach goals you want so bad. So that was sort of Introducion for all of you who kept on viewing for some new posts on my blog.

And and and – I haven’t forgotten – I have news for you. Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia) was chosen by Rough Guides for one of the top ten cities in the whole world! that is good to visit during summer time.

And one other thing – in my home village (Jarše) local kids made the longest hoptscotch in the world and they will get their names written in Guiness book of records! Amazing, isn’t it? Small Slovenia is becoming known and talked about (after being part of JAR experience?!).

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Things I found out about myself

Finally I managed to come home. What a struggle. I was supposed to fly on June 24 from Girona to Treviso but unfortunately my and some other flights were cancelled. Apparently that happened due to a general strike. I had to find my luggage (because I already checked-in), getting information what to do next to solve the problem and go back to the city centre. Never mind, I met some nice people while walking from the bus station to the hostel. But all this packing and unpacking and not knowing when the next flight will be made me tired and I wanted to go home even more. It was part pf experience. And I came home. Nothing else matters. Do you remember my last post? I promised I’ll write some things I found out about myself during traveling. I had lots of time to think and be alone with my mind.

So here it is:

  • I have wonderful friends and I love them.

  • One semester of Erasmus exchange was enough for me.
  • From time to time I like to be alone with my mind.
  • I want to be a poet.
  • I love my country but not the most common characteristics of Slovenians.
  • Every single day I check how many views I had on my blog.
  • What I like most about traveling is meeting interesting people.

  • Drum’n’bass and sun make my mood way better.
  • With the money I have I prefer to buy good food, drink and getting around than save it for buying clothes.
  • I don’t regret any single thing I did. It’s my life and I live it the way I want.
  • I should be more careful with administrative stuff.
  • I love Portuguese soups.
  • A day without a cup of coffee for me means headache.
  • I like making photos and videos.
  • Paul Arden thinks a lot like me.
  • I feel good when people say nice things about me and I don’t care if they talk behind my back. Say it face to face or your opinion doesn’t matter to me.
  • Money isn’t important to be but yet I feel bad if I don’t have it.
  • Chicken is the best meet in the world and mango is the best fruit in the world.
  • I couldn’t live in a big city.
  • I couldn’t live without doing sports.
  • I don’t consider myself as workaholic but without any work I’d be bored. I need to be challenged.
  • I don’t like stupid jokes but the only two jokes I know are stupid.
  • I love Portugal and it’s  beaches.

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Things I found out during traveling

I have been traveling for 16 days already and I visited Portugal from the south to the north and now I’m spending my last days in Girona, beautiful small Spanish city near Barcelona. Most of the time I’ve spent in Lisbon, but I’ve been staying as well in Faro, Lagos, Coimbra and Girona. Except in Lisbon I was staying at hostels and this gave me a chance to meet many interesting people and spend a lot ogf time with my-self thinking about everything. Otherwise I went to may day-trips mostly around Lisbon. I have seen and done a lot of things, and since we are always learning something I’ll share some facts I found out during this trip.

Let’s start with general facts:

1. Girls snore as well.

2. Slovenian golman is the best.

3. Spanish people laugh more than Portuguese.

4. Fruits and vegetables taste way better in Spain and Portugal than in Slovenia.

5. Portugal is cheaper than Spain.

6. Cities by the river are the most beautiful.

7.  Circus is cool.

8. Canadians and Australians are very nice to hang out with.

9. There is a lot of weird people walking around.

10. People who travel a lot are more tolerant and open minded.

11. Slovenians are comparing to other nations very materialistic and rather buy things than enjoy life.

12. People drink a lot. Not only in Slovenia.

13. Many people are in relationships for ages just because they find it cozy and the don’t know if they would get along better with someone else.

14. Slovenian bread is the best.

That’s it for a start. When I’ll come back home I’ll add some photos to make it more understandable and write about facts about me as well (Things I learned about myself).

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