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Take a risk

Tell about your feelings to other people or they might die before anyone notice and all you’ll have left is pain and disappointment… Release your mind and heart. You might be hurt but at least you can feel life in every aspect of it… Be honest. Fake friends and relationships are like snowflakes, they’ll melt soon. So take a spade and throw them away before they leave too much dirt behind…


December 1, 2010 Posted by | Thoughts about life | | 1 Comment

Restless mind

The funny thing in life is that we always want more,

what we have isn’t enough, that’s for sure.

Sometimes life looks pathetic and we are never enough ethic.

I kept running away,

maybe because  people never asked me to stay.

If I look deeply into my life,

It seems like I’m always in a fight.

Relationships make me sad,

This must be my bad.

I was never the best in anything I tried,

Oh how many times I have cried.

I make friends and let them far away,

This is why not many of them like to stay.

I am watching my family grazing down and down,

I want to help but they are closed like a prawn.

Sometimes I find myself  wondering  what will happen to me,

how long and how nice my life will be.

Are you sure you want to stay with me?

If not please walk away,

I don’t want you to start hating my pain.


December 1, 2010 Posted by | Poetry | | 21 Comments