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How is human being different from animals?

I have been thinking… Do you think that human being is better than animals? The same? Or worse?

I believe that we feel the same, we want to do things, try them, there is this simple thing called instinct that makes a desire.   What do we do with that desire? Do we try to deny it or do we make it real? Do we act like it didn’t happen? Now here is how we are different form animals. Animals do things they want to do and they don’t care if this will cause any impact on them or others. Human beings try to focus on someone or something and keep it there, with them. This is why they think carefully before they will do what they want to do in a certain moment. They think on long-term. Or if they can’t or don’t want to let things be and stay with fantasies they follow their desire and make it come true.  I’m sure you have all tried this. But I wonder how many people feel guilty, how many people don’t care and live further on without any guilt and how many of you tell other people what you have done? Did you tell them because it is easier for you or because you respect them so much that you think its fair to tell them? I guess it depends what kind of person you are. By saying so I don’t mean that you are either good or bad. We are just human beings. But we are hypocrites! This is how we are different from animals! Only if you do follow your instinct and if you are ok with it you aren’t hypocrite, at least not to yourself. But since we live in a society with a certain rules it is very difficult to do so.

It’s not how long your life is, its how alive you feel!

Please make yourself happy…

I don’t know what makes you happy, I’m not sure I know it for myself, but I’m trying to be loyal to myself…Whoever I am.

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Take a risk

Tell about your feelings to other people or they might die before anyone notice and all you’ll have left is pain and disappointment… Release your mind and heart. You might be hurt but at least you can feel life in every aspect of it… Be honest. Fake friends and relationships are like snowflakes, they’ll melt soon. So take a spade and throw them away before they leave too much dirt behind…

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La vita e bella



You might have been wondering why I don’t post lately. Well, as I have mentioned before I took some time off.

I went to Italy to visit my friends from Erasmus exchange. We have visited Padova, Venice and Bologna.

We drank billion cups off coffee and ate pasta.







After a few days being at home me and my boyfriend had a road trip to Bratislava, Brno, Telč and Prague.

Both trips were amazing and they made me feel better. I simply love travelling and recharging batteries that way.

I can say: “La vita e bella!



Now I need to prepare for a week of debating on international level according to multiculturalism and minorities… Well I also have to watch a movie or two on Liffe (film festival which offers amazing pieces of art to be seen). After all that amazing trips I’ll focus on something that bothers me and that I want to have it done – my thesis! Sorry once again for not sharing my mind with you by not posting anything new but I promise that after my sweet November I’ll do so.



And please think about this:

“We are not getting any younger; if your style of life isn’t making you happy it’s better to stop for a while and think about what can you do to make it better. Take some time off and allow yourself to be happy again. I have lost my smile but now I found it again!”

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Create your life!

Did you miss me? I felt bad not writing anything new, but I have a lame excuse for you – I’ve been working most of the time lately… I felt pushed in all that, I hate not having any time to do things I want (even if that’s only doing sports and writing new posts and reading other blogs, spend some time with people I want…), there were just so many bad news according to the people I know and I felt depressed. Yeah, I have these periods once in a while. So when I came home from work all I wanted to do was to sleep and watch movies, just not to think too much. When I don’t have time to breathe I don’t feel good and who would change the way I feel if not me? I guess working seven days per week is too much for me. Now I’m going to have a short vacation in Italy where I’m meeting some people I met in Lisbon which will be supernice! What will happen after that?  I’m going to attend International debate seminar Slovenia, debating is my passion so I can’t wait to learn more about it! And I truly need to focus on my thesis and get it done. Than I want to go to study abroad, there are some problems with that but I guess the sky is the limit and staying in one place isn’t an option for me. Those things keep me going and they motivate me. What will happen next, where will I work etc…I think that if you follow your dreams it comes naturally…if not there is a big chance to end up as  miserable person unhappy with who they are and what they do. So it’s time for some changes! I have lost my smile for a while and I want it back! I’m not happy in the situation I’m in right now If I think carefully  the best time of my life was living in Lisbon with amazing people, completely independent…Sometimes family gives you more bad than good days and since I worry too much for me it’s better to be away from all that. Here I’m living with my relatives and that doesn’t suit me. And working with hypocrites as well. Sometimes I feel like I’m always in search of something.

I guess I’m not able to stay in situation that I feel not confident with and say “It’s life. Face it.”

For me it’s more like: “It’s my life. Create it!”

I came across with an option that seems perfect for me: studying from January to June in  Helsingør – Denmark at International people’s College. I have to think how I could reach that. The good thing is that it would cost me only 950 euros for accommodation, food and tuition fee… So as far as money is concerned there is no problem.

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Even if I can’t see it doesn’t mean that I’m blind

That sentence might seem pointless to some of you. What I wanted to say is hidden between the lines. Even if things aren’t perfect the way they are, it’s how we see them that makes them good or bad. The fact is that we notice when something isn’t right when looking at other people’s lifes. But have we seen ours? Or do we just follow our routine day by day? Do we dare to make changes and admit that we need them to feel alive? Open your eyes and look deeply into yourself, don’t just criticize others.

I started making some changes…Some things are impossible to change…Impossibilities are merely the things which we have not yet learned…

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Animals vs. Human Beings

I learned that from time to time I have to act egoistic to get what i want. Sounds cruel, doesn’t it? Its life they say. This is the way we are, people want us to do all sorts of things for them and in the end we end up not having time to do what we want to do. So you have to learn when to say no. But don’t say no when someone needs you, when your help would mean a world to them. So we should learn to distinguish when someone asks for our help because they are just lazy or when our favor is really needed. I talked to a guy and he told me that he has three more brothers and that his mum makes breakfast for all of them every morning. I asked him why? Why doesn’t he make breakfast from time to time or at least help her? He looked at me in a weird way and said that this is what she likes to do. They expect from her to do that because this is what she always did and according to him this is what she likes to do. Maybe it’s true. But in my opinion that isn’t right to devote your life to others and that this is what makes you happy. It’s nice to see others happy and that this makes you happy. But yet please do something for yourself or you might end up realizing that all you did is serving others. What do you get in return? if you do something constantly people might not appreciate that any more. But there are not many people as this mum. There are more people who don’t care about others and all they see is themselves. We should find something in between.

There is a video about a dog rescuing another dog. The second dog would die without help.

Would you do that? Would you help?

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Underwater Love

While creating my blog my intention wasn’t to post so many videos. But I can’t help myself. When I hear or see something I adore I wan’t to share it with you. There is another great song called Underwater Love made by Smoke City. You can listen to some portuguese here, isn’t it beautiful? I love almost everything connected to Portugal.

Have a great day! Don’t just survieve your life, live it! Day by day do something that will make a smile on your face and a sun in your heart…

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Just breathe

Take time for yourself and relax by listening to that nice chill-out music…

It happens to many people that years just pass by without  being happy. Don’t be one of them. It’s better to make sure that your life will be worth watching  when you’ll be remembering it before you die.

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Who am I?

My dear friend once told me that the most interesting people he ever met where those who had no idea what to do in life. I could add that neither they know who they are. I came across with some identification problems myself. At the moment I’m reading “Understanding Privacy” by Daniel J. Solove. That man has a great sense of writing in interesting and yet instructive way. He mentiones many interesting things. The one I just read is about a parable “Everything and Nothing” written by Jorge Luis Borges and in the end of which we can read as follows:

Shakespeare: ” I who have been so many men in vain want to be one and myself.”

The voice of the Lord answered him:” Neither am I anyone; I have dreamt the world as you dreamt your work, my Shakespeare, and among the forms in my dream are you, who like myself are many and no one.”

The moral of this story as far as I can understand it is:

Even if you don’t know who you are, you might have done an important impact on other people. You made them see and think differently, which is a huge sucess.

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Sweat dreams

I would like to share one funny thing I did or said to be more exact 8 or 9 years ago. There was this guy that I used to like back than and I wrote his message on his cellphone saying blablabla…sweat dreams. When I saw him next time he said:” You know Spela last time you wrote me sweat dreams?” And I looked at him not knowing what he wants to say. He continued:” Sweat dreams is not what you usually wish someone. You probably meant sweet dreams.” Ups, people make mistakes all life. That could be quite embarrasing for the majority of people. But not for me. I made mistake. I didn’t know english well. But so what… Now I know it better. But it’s possible to wish someone sweat dreams…when they are sick sweating help to get better faster, hahah… Since we are talking about sweet dreams lets listen what Marilyn Manson has to say about them. Honestly, I don’t like this video but I like this song.

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