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How is human being different from animals?

I have been thinking… Do you think that human being is better than animals? The same? Or worse?

I believe that we feel the same, we want to do things, try them, there is this simple thing called instinct that makes a desire.   What do we do with that desire? Do we try to deny it or do we make it real? Do we act like it didn’t happen? Now here is how we are different form animals. Animals do things they want to do and they don’t care if this will cause any impact on them or others. Human beings try to focus on someone or something and keep it there, with them. This is why they think carefully before they will do what they want to do in a certain moment. They think on long-term. Or if they can’t or don’t want to let things be and stay with fantasies they follow their desire and make it come true.  I’m sure you have all tried this. But I wonder how many people feel guilty, how many people don’t care and live further on without any guilt and how many of you tell other people what you have done? Did you tell them because it is easier for you or because you respect them so much that you think its fair to tell them? I guess it depends what kind of person you are. By saying so I don’t mean that you are either good or bad. We are just human beings. But we are hypocrites! This is how we are different from animals! Only if you do follow your instinct and if you are ok with it you aren’t hypocrite, at least not to yourself. But since we live in a society with a certain rules it is very difficult to do so.

It’s not how long your life is, its how alive you feel!

Please make yourself happy…

I don’t know what makes you happy, I’m not sure I know it for myself, but I’m trying to be loyal to myself…Whoever I am.


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