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The start of something new

You might have noticed so far I’m no stupid girl. I thought you’d like to read some of the stuff I came up with. Don’t read them as a novel but read each sentence and think of it. What does it mean to you and how do you feel about it. Some of them are serious, others funny. I’ll be posting them as soon as I come up with something. Since I’m just beginning with that for now I have a bunch of old ones, already posted on my Facebook profile. The funny or more to say sad thing is that I might say a lot of things which I truly believe in but when we come to the acting part I might freeze and not follow my ideas. I’m working on fixing that though, day by day.

  • Rather follow your heart than your mind. It will make you happier.

    • Stop judging unless you are a judge…

    • I made a decision and I’ll stick to it until I change my mind.

    • Luckily I don’t have any time to spend money which I don’t have…

    • Wishing is nice. Wanting is better. (Idea given by Paul Arden.)

    • If I learn how to let go I’ll start giving instructions and I’ll become billionare.

    • My life isn’t like a movie…it’s better.

    • If chances are given to you, you should take advantage of them and make the best from it…

    That’s it for now, now go to the corner and think about what I’ve  just told you…

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