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While being in Lisbon I have visited ZOO…I like animals and since this is what you can see in ZOO…we went…

As we found out that some animals are not only cute but also bright… they can play a main role in a show by doing excatly the same as human does…amazing…

…we all like dolphins, don’t we?

They can do amazing tricks and they look like they would always smile 🙂

Seniorita Tall in action…

Here you can see Mr. Huge…lazy as usually…

And funky monkies…lets jump, lets climb, lets be cute as we always are…

they can look ugly…and fake…but that’s what makes them interesting…

be afraid…be very afraid…

more and more…did those photos attract your attention? Well, if you ever find your-self in Lisbon go and visit Jardim Zoologico…It’s worth of 17eur entrance (discount for students 3eur)…

We enyojed our day…I hope you enyojed my short report as well.


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