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Two days before my Erasmus ends…

Here I am sitting in our apartment my two flat mates (the last survivors) and two German guys (graffiti writers), listening »It’s raining man« and talking about the meaning of the song. I didn’t realize before what that text. In German “Es regnet man” means »People, it’s raining.« But actually it means that man (plural of men) are raining as if you would answer on the question »What is raining?«. Interesting, I might say. I should admit that yesterday before going to Bairro Alto I felt like going home right now. I didn’t want to stay here anymore. That’s because it hurts when friends you make go back to their home country. But later, while partying with friends that are still here, I really wanted to stay here longer. I’m leaving Lisbon. Nooo, let me stay longer. I won’t see these, close to my heart, people. But I’m going HOME, to see friends and family. Boy, I miss them. It’s weird to go back after half a year. This period was the best experience ever, months that I’ll never forget.

Lisboa amo-te!


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