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Now it’s time to laugh and shine,
not to regret and cry!
I’ll forget you and let you far away,
what you did to me was not ok.
I’ll have fun like I did before,
and  I don’t mean it by watching Jersey Shore.


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Let it snow, let it snow

I don’t recall so much snow for ages. I came home from Lisbon and there was lots of snow waiting for me. And it didn’t stop snowing yet. Oh how beautiful landscape is, everything is white and is you are sitting inside, in warm home, looking out, snow seems soft and pure, like clouds in the sky. When I was young I had a dream to jump on clouds, from one to another and have the time of my life. Imagine how cool it’d be if it was possible… Anyway, there is some magic in looking snowflakes falling down on soft white blanket. Mmm… You must have heard saying that Christmas without snow is not real Christmas at all. Ok, in places where never snows that saying doesn’t count. A Slovakian friend of mine (that I met on my Erasmus exchange) said: »During Christmas period everyone is nicer than usually, everything seems better. Even snow has its role in that. It covers all the shit.« We have snow in Slovenia for more than a month. When you think it’s finally going to disappear it starts snowing again. So there must be lots of shit and we aren’t prepared yet to see it… There’ll always be people that adore snow and people that don’t like it at all. A friend of mine came to pick me up the other day to go for a drink and while driving I said that its incredible how much snow there is. She replied that it’s disgusting. I’m looking forward to go snowboarding and I’m also jogging on skies (the best side of this sport is that once you have equipment it doesn’t cost you anything) because we have nice places to go near my home. But for sure snow reflects in bad situation on streets. Yesterday I was waiting for half an hour for a train and since it didn’t show up I took a bus to go to Ljubljana. The bus was driving longer than usually and in the end I was nearly one hour late for a meeting. But people can understand that, especially if they are late as well. I have to admit that I still have some positive energy from Lisbon and when I come to a public place and I see an employee in bad mood I don’t understand how they can work like that. I would suggest them to go on snow and have some fun, like a laughing therapy… I guess they’d call me crazy if I’d recommend them something like that. In my opinion being in bad mood won’t get things any better. If you ask me that kind of approach only enable us to think clearly and takes unnecessary energy away from us. So go out for a walk, make a snowman and feel the snow.

Laugh and put you head towards the sky and try to catch snowflakes with your tongue. Try to feel pureness with your heart and release your mind. What are you waiting for?

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