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Like the air


She is like the air for him.

Not so important,

but so unseen.


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Last week I’ve been in Belgium and Netherlands with my University. We’ve seen Brussels, Rotterdam, Haag and Amsterdam. There is a photo from Amsterdam as you might have guessed so far… This city was the one I liked most!

I know it has been a while since I last wrote anything. There has been some changes in my life and it hasn’t been easy. But what I did was listening to my heart and just went for it. For new life that awaits me. I got the feeling that I’m not as happy as I could be. I want to laugh and shine. I live my life the way I want!

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How is human being different from animals?

I have been thinking… Do you think that human being is better than animals? The same? Or worse?

I believe that we feel the same, we want to do things, try them, there is this simple thing called instinct that makes a desire.   What do we do with that desire? Do we try to deny it or do we make it real? Do we act like it didn’t happen? Now here is how we are different form animals. Animals do things they want to do and they don’t care if this will cause any impact on them or others. Human beings try to focus on someone or something and keep it there, with them. This is why they think carefully before they will do what they want to do in a certain moment. They think on long-term. Or if they can’t or don’t want to let things be and stay with fantasies they follow their desire and make it come true.  I’m sure you have all tried this. But I wonder how many people feel guilty, how many people don’t care and live further on without any guilt and how many of you tell other people what you have done? Did you tell them because it is easier for you or because you respect them so much that you think its fair to tell them? I guess it depends what kind of person you are. By saying so I don’t mean that you are either good or bad. We are just human beings. But we are hypocrites! This is how we are different from animals! Only if you do follow your instinct and if you are ok with it you aren’t hypocrite, at least not to yourself. But since we live in a society with a certain rules it is very difficult to do so.

It’s not how long your life is, its how alive you feel!

Please make yourself happy…

I don’t know what makes you happy, I’m not sure I know it for myself, but I’m trying to be loyal to myself…Whoever I am.

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You can make it

There comes a certain point in life,

When you need to fight for your right.

They will try to push you away,

They will try to put you on the very first train.

What you should do is stay,

Make them see that what they do is not ok.

People who stay on the edge,

Are a perfect catch.

They make the revolutions happen,

They take away from the bad guys their weapon.

So it goes for revolutions as for small conclusions.

In life you should do what you feel is right,

Please do not follow those on the no brain side.

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Lack of posting

Due to my health problems and lack of motivation I have not been posting lately… New post is coming soon! But at least I am finally working on my thesis 🙂 Greets for everyone who missed me!

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Take a risk

Tell about your feelings to other people or they might die before anyone notice and all you’ll have left is pain and disappointment… Release your mind and heart. You might be hurt but at least you can feel life in every aspect of it… Be honest. Fake friends and relationships are like snowflakes, they’ll melt soon. So take a spade and throw them away before they leave too much dirt behind…

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Restless mind

The funny thing in life is that we always want more,

what we have isn’t enough, that’s for sure.

Sometimes life looks pathetic and we are never enough ethic.

I kept running away,

maybe because  people never asked me to stay.

If I look deeply into my life,

It seems like I’m always in a fight.

Relationships make me sad,

This must be my bad.

I was never the best in anything I tried,

Oh how many times I have cried.

I make friends and let them far away,

This is why not many of them like to stay.

I am watching my family grazing down and down,

I want to help but they are closed like a prawn.

Sometimes I find myself  wondering  what will happen to me,

how long and how nice my life will be.

Are you sure you want to stay with me?

If not please walk away,

I don’t want you to start hating my pain.


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La vita e bella



You might have been wondering why I don’t post lately. Well, as I have mentioned before I took some time off.

I went to Italy to visit my friends from Erasmus exchange. We have visited Padova, Venice and Bologna.

We drank billion cups off coffee and ate pasta.







After a few days being at home me and my boyfriend had a road trip to Bratislava, Brno, Telč and Prague.

Both trips were amazing and they made me feel better. I simply love travelling and recharging batteries that way.

I can say: “La vita e bella!



Now I need to prepare for a week of debating on international level according to multiculturalism and minorities… Well I also have to watch a movie or two on Liffe (film festival which offers amazing pieces of art to be seen). After all that amazing trips I’ll focus on something that bothers me and that I want to have it done – my thesis! Sorry once again for not sharing my mind with you by not posting anything new but I promise that after my sweet November I’ll do so.



And please think about this:

“We are not getting any younger; if your style of life isn’t making you happy it’s better to stop for a while and think about what can you do to make it better. Take some time off and allow yourself to be happy again. I have lost my smile but now I found it again!”

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Colours of autumn

When you see nature in the most amazing dress you can think off you understand that no human being can break her down…

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Words don’t have to be said to be understood


Those people who  repeatedly say »I love you«,

are good candidates for not telling the truth.

Words don’t have to be said to be understood,

and you  don’t have to act like Robin Hood.

All he did was look deeply into my eyes,

he was shaking and so we hugged,

we felt like being drugged.

I couldn’t eat when he was about to came and not even when he was leaving,

but yet I needed to continue with my living.

I don’t have to be with him or talk to him but he still knows how I feel,

this is true love, not an insane deal.

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