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A cold Sunday morning

Waking up for me always is a challenge to do,

even if I have a meeting with you.

Firstly I need to remember what day it is,

can someone help me please?

Now I know that the name of todays day is Sunday,

my classes are on Monday.

Secondly I try to recall what I was dreaming about,

oh my dear dream catcher why don’t you shout?

Thirdly I check my phone,

no messages neither calls – I feel so alone.

Now I need to get up,

dress up,

lets put on some make-up.

My warm bed will get cold without me,

a cold Sunday is waiting for me.

A cold morning is quickly turning to working Sunday,

trust me – I can’t wait for Monday.

October 10, 2011 Posted by | Poetry | , | Leave a comment