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After all this time that passed by without any posts added by me all I have for you is one short one. I’m sorry about that but I don’t have any time what so ever. There is this Internship, writing of my thesis and exams that I have to deal with…All that is challenging and demanding thing to do and since I have to deal with deadlines I have no time to write or do things whuch i usually do. Sometimes in life you just have to set some priorities to reach goals you want so bad. So that was sort of Introducion for all of you who kept on viewing for some new posts on my blog.

And and and – I haven’t forgotten – I have news for you. Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia) was chosen by Rough Guides for one of the top ten cities in the whole world! that is good to visit during summer time.

And one other thing – in my home village (Jarše) local kids made the longest hoptscotch in the world and they will get their names written in Guiness book of records! Amazing, isn’t it? Small Slovenia is becoming known and talked about (after being part of JAR experience?!).


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