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Things I found out during traveling

I have been traveling for 16 days already and I visited Portugal from the south to the north and now I’m spending my last days in Girona, beautiful small Spanish city near Barcelona. Most of the time I’ve spent in Lisbon, but I’ve been staying as well in Faro, Lagos, Coimbra and Girona. Except in Lisbon I was staying at hostels and this gave me a chance to meet many interesting people and spend a lot ogf time with my-self thinking about everything. Otherwise I went to may day-trips mostly around Lisbon. I have seen and done a lot of things, and since we are always learning something I’ll share some facts I found out during this trip.

Let’s start with general facts:

1. Girls snore as well.

2. Slovenian golman is the best.

3. Spanish people laugh more than Portuguese.

4. Fruits and vegetables taste way better in Spain and Portugal than in Slovenia.

5. Portugal is cheaper than Spain.

6. Cities by the river are the most beautiful.

7.  Circus is cool.

8. Canadians and Australians are very nice to hang out with.

9. There is a lot of weird people walking around.

10. People who travel a lot are more tolerant and open minded.

11. Slovenians are comparing to other nations very materialistic and rather buy things than enjoy life.

12. People drink a lot. Not only in Slovenia.

13. Many people are in relationships for ages just because they find it cozy and the don’t know if they would get along better with someone else.

14. Slovenian bread is the best.

That’s it for a start. When I’ll come back home I’ll add some photos to make it more understandable and write about facts about me as well (Things I learned about myself).


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