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Lately I have been working to hard. I’m exhausted. The only motivation that keeps me going is 16 days of holiday in June. We had lots of work in my father’s guesthouse lately, from live music and bonfire for 31. April and many groups of people having different kinds of celebrations at our place. Sometimes in the evening I’m so tired that I can’t even fall asleep. My legs hurt.  So today is a day to rest physically and work mentally. That’s better. I could never work so hard the whole life like my dad does. For me it’s too much. In this kind of business you have to work when other people have a day off and deal with all sorts of people. They should mind their own business and leave there problems at home. I kind of like it but it’s to demanding and stressful. You have to know how many drink and food you have to buy and prepare, how many people to hire for each day, motivate them to work good. But this is a good part of work. The worst is that it’s difficult just to watch and command. My dad is afraid that if he won’t help in kitchen and in organization, that our offer will get worse and that we will lose customers. That’s sound like workaholic, doesn’t it? Now he’s ill for two weeks already and he doesn’t rest. He works from Monday to Sunday. That’s something I don’t want. We shouldn’t live to work, but work to live.

My deep wish is to graduate this year. So I’m working hard for my university as well. I hope I’ll make it. I just have to eat lots of vitamins and stay motivated. And than I can start my masters studies and get a job. The one that requires working from Monday to Friday and has weekends off. I respect each kind of work, but its natural that you prefer one kind of work over others. Now when I think, it seems like I’m a workaholic as well. I hope not. Maybe it’s just temporary. I want to enjoy life. Not just enjoy working. Which I do, I can admit that. But I still work to earn money so that I can do and buy things I want. I enjoy having time off. My dad becomes impatient. That’s the main difference between workaholic and non-workaholic.


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  1. “I just have to eat lots of vitamins…”

    Go Cedevita go! 🙂 :*

    Comment by Bianca | May 10, 2010 | Reply

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