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These days were amazing, I have spent them with family and friends…Eggs have been decorated, apartment cleaned, I went out and to the Slovenian sea side. And and and – while I was on my Erasmus my dad bought me a dog, he named him Kan. The thing is that I used to live in a forest house and from time to time I was afraid of being alone. And my dad got the idea of buying a dog. He did that without consulting me. I would have chosen something…well…smaller… not Italian mastiff…So I refused of taking care of him and my dad doesn’t really take much time to do that. I felt sorry for the dog. But I was really afraid. I never had a dog before and Kan was already 6 months old when I came back to Slovenia. We didn’t know each other. Well that dog is big and energetic.  My friend said we should take him for a walk and so we did. At first she was having him and them we changed. He’s a nice dog. But we should take him to the school…For now I’ll come more often and take him for a walk…Maybe we’ll become fond of each other. I don’t want him to suffer. But my fear is still here. He’s afraid as well…afraid of cars and other people and of everything. So maybe we are a perfect match.


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