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Nowadays girls want to stand out, they dress up by following latest trends, no matter if they fit them or not. You can see that they don’t feel good and consciousness in their outfit. They wear clothes in colors their eyes and skin tan don’t match at all. Oh, another story is with black. Why the hell do people wear black so much? There is no creativity at all. Why can’t people find their own style instead of following someone else’s. I can recall one time when I was in high school. It was during psychology when our professor (amazing man I might add) told me that finally there is someone wearing colors the light up, that I am like sunshine during all other students wearing dark colors. Black is elegant, blabla…ok you can combine colors with black, but please don’t hide you in black.  Your personality has to be seen. If you are wearing black you can make the impression that you don’t want to be bothered, that you don’t want to socialize. So try to find your own style, you can wear black but than at least take care that design is creative. I’m no fashion freak but at least I feel good in what I’m wearing. And this is what counts. So when you are buying clothes think carefully whit what you’ll combine them and if you’ll have the guts to wear them at all. It doesn’t make sense if you buy something and it’s only lying in your closet, is it? Find your style! Don’t wear shapes and colors just because they are in this season. Who makes criteria’s anyway? Make your own criteria’s. And don’t wear to much black. Find your own way and make it trendy. For you. And remember – sometimes simplicity is what makes things attractive. And don’t forget to wear a smile; it’s your best weapon to make people fall in love with you.


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  1. colooooorssssss! |m|

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