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I finally took some time to write a new post. I was busy with classes, debate club, conference, demonstrations, work and common time with my boyfriend. Today I’m going to spend in front of my lap-top to do some paper-works and arrange some things. Anyway, I would like to share some things with my readers.

On Thursday I participated in demonstrations in Vienna. It was the first time I did that and I enjoyed it. Student’s organization in Ljubljana organized a free transportation and this is why I and my three colleagues decided to go. To protest against Bologna program. Demonstartons were organized in Vienna from 11.3 to 14.3.2010. The reason was to be heard from the members of our governments (prime ministers had meeting at that time in Vienna) and to be heard from the world. We stood up together to fight for our rights. Soon we won’t be able to study for free, our education isn’t worth much and our future isn’t clear. We are afraid. Students joined together to show the world that we mind and that we would like to study and get a job. Not to be a bunch of unemployed people which receive social contribution. We would like to be part of everything, to make the world go around. I and my three friends joined a group of students with drums and everyone was dressed funny, like clowns and hippies in order to mock at our governments. We wanted to show that we care and that they should stop thinking about money so much.

Did they forget saying: Children are our future??? Unhappy citizens don’t make good countries (even in economical way). I wonder why am I studying… I guess not to get a job. The only good thing that I can see is exchange of students and proffesors and international degrees. But how does this help us if there is no place for us?

Some of the slogans were:

-Education is not for sales,

-Besser Uni – unser Uni,…

Here you can see what the demonstrations were about and how they were organized:

And here you can see how it turned out:

That kind of demonstrations were organized before and it was promised they’ll be in the future (students don’t lie as politicians do!).


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