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Today when I woke up (quite late) I switched on my computer and started listening to music on YouTube and I found one I love.

There is also a version of that song from David Guetta. Uff, he has great hits. But the version you just heard is the one that brings back my memories. There so many good memories coming threw my mind while listening to that song. It was three years ago when me and three of my female friends went to Croatia on island Pag for summer holiday. They say Pag in Croatia is like Ibiza in Spain. You must know what that means! Parties day and night (which reminds me of another great song!!!)

This one reminds me one some good nights in Lisbon. Gosh, I love music. It makes my mind fly, all problems disappear, it’s only me and music. When there is dancing included -> ohhh am I in heaven?

Anyway what I believe is that friends should never forget each other and stop hanging out just because they are in relationships. And it’s nice to have double dates…but…than you can’t focus on your friends. So we try to keep a tradition not only to go for a cup of coffee but also to go out alone and to go on holiday alone! It’s the best, trust me. That summer was amazing, we were swimming, reading, cooking, dressing up, dancing, having hangovers, playing cards, meeting locals,…Last summer we went to Greece on island Krf, but the season didn’t really start yet so it wasn’t so much fun to go out. But we made that period great as well. Don’t leave your friends behind! They are precious and when they love you even though your mistakes, you know they love you for real. So be aware and don’t replace them with boyfriends. You can have both! You can tell them everything and they’ll understand and listen.

On the other hand – we should leave our partner (if we have one) to do the same. We shouldn’t break their wings. They like different things. So they might go out with friends and be extremely annoying next day because they’ll be so hangover. They’ll have a tiger. In Slovenia we say that you have a cat when you are hangover. So tiger is even worse. But they’ll be happy as well because they had a great time with their buddies.


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  1. Word to that 😀

    Comment by Tanja | March 5, 2010 | Reply

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