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While having a goodbye party for one of my friends I met during my Erasmus, we were talking that we should do something special together, like write e-book about Erasmus life. We would split chapters and each of us would write about a topic he/she prefers. Before that happens I have decided to start doing it on my own, on basic level. If you are thinking of going on Erasmus exchange or not…follow this theme of mine…

Erasmus exchange can last three months, one semester or two semesters. If you decide to stay short period and you find out that you would like to stay longer you can extend your Erasmus period (your supply has to be submitted by your home faculty and your host faculty). You will get a scholarship which differs from country to country. In Slovenia we get 300eur/month no matter where we go. But if you decide to extend your Erasmus period maybe there will be no more money for your scholarship. You can go on exchange in countries that are part of European Union and some others. Your home faculty should have agreement with some faculties from different countries. The easiest way is to go on one of them. If you would like to go on another faculty you should make a contract with that faculty especially for you (the procedure might be a bit complicated).

First of all you should decide where would you like to spend your Erasmus period, after knowing that you should supply for it on your home faculty. They will select who is allowed to go (that depends of number of free places on host faculties), if you won’t be selected for your first wish there is always second and third one.

Once you find out if you have been selected and where will you go you have to do some paper-work. You have to make Learning agreement. You have to gain some ECST during your Erasmus period or you will have to return you scholarship. You should go and ask professors on your home faculty if they would recognize one of the subjects you can choose between on your host faculty. Getting signatures means that if you will pass that subject, subject that those professors teach on your home faculty, will be done. The easiest way is to choose selective subjects, for them you can choose whatever subject you want and it will be recognized.


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