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Can you imagine a world without lying? Living without even tiny little white lies? I can’t. Or at least I couldn’t. Then I saw a movie The invention of lying. Wow, what a mess. The trailer doesn’t show the funniest parts of the movie, but you can get the point.

In my opinion we all have some secrets, some of them we tell some people we trust and some of them we just keep to ourselves. I’m my best friend. That’s because I know myself best and because I don’t trust anyone 100%. Not even myself. This is why sometimes we deny things to ourselves. We want to think differently and maybe we act differently than we think but acting doesn’t change thinking. We can’t control our heart but we can control our acts.  When we don’t want to hurt people we use so called white lies. When we want to make ourselves look better we lie. Some people lie for hobby, just to see if people will believe them. I used to do that. I lied about random stuff that could be true. Than I told them that I was lying. A friend of mine said that if I don’t stop I’ll finish like a boy that used to lie all the time. The story goes about a young herdsmen. He was bored by doing his job. He was often screaming: “Help!!! The wolf is going to eat me!” And every time people came to help him. But there was no wolf. One time the boy was screaming for help again. But people didn’t come to help him. They were annoyed by his constant lying. Later on they found him dead. The moral of this story is: if you lie all the time people might stop believing you, even when you’ll tell the truth. So I only lie every now and then. I can’t help myself. Anyway, don’t lie to me now by saying that you don’t. I found this to prove you wrong.

But some lying makes the world go around. It’s just the way it is. Face it.


February 23, 2010 - Posted by | Reviews, Thoughts about life |

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