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Tonight there was a final selection for a song that will present Slovenia at Eurovision. Our event is called Ema and this year voting was quite democratic. Slovenians have chosen the folloving song for the winner:

Idea isn’t bad, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that polka is quite popular in Slovenia and that rock is something different and wilder (but popular as well). They made a mixture of both. Text says:

Narodno zabavni rock

Naj bo sprememba scene,

Naj vse obnori ta zvok,

Naj gre skozi vene,

v srce naj zadene,

narodno zabavni rock.

Polka je kraljica na slovenskih tleh,

poskrbi za ples, za vriskanje in smeh.

Rock je kralj zabave,

oster a iskren,

vroč kot poletje, barvast kot jesen.

A le ena kaplja domišljije

in se polka v trše ritme zlije…

Turbo folk rock

Let it be the change of the scene,

let everyone go crazy by this sound,

let it go threw the veins,

let it hit the heart,

turbo folk rock.

Polka is queen on Slovenian ground,

it takes care for dance, for yodel and laughter.

Rock is king of party,

sharp but honest,

hot like a summer, colorful like an autumn.

Only one drop of imagination

and rock turbo folk music melts with harder rhythms…

As you have noticed this text is about idea itself. People say it’s good because it’s different, that idea itself is original. Is it? We haven’t seen that for the first time. Let me remember you of great hit Stereo Love where electronic music and harmonica are mixed:

Well, in our case they replaced electro with rock. Not so original then. But -> better than half-naked girls with lousy voices I might add.


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