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I have just seen an old cowboy movie Junior Bonner from 1974 ( If you are ever going to visit Lisbon you should see an old movie in Cinemateca!!!). Wow, that’s like a whole different world! I think what qualifies a good movie is that it makes you think. With my Italian and Greek friend we were laughing because of many things. The culture back than in Arizona was so different from what we know that there were many things we couldn’t understand. When a main character, played by Steve McQueen, said: » It’s rodeo baby. « we burst into laugh. Oh, how naive and innocent were girls back than. Wait, aren’t we still? Anyway, this movie made me think. People say that history is repeating. Is it?!? Hmm, I can’t imagine me watching rodeo with macho guys, cows, horses and bulls, laughing and falling in love with the best rodeo rider. Or maybe? I’m being carried away again. It’s not my fault, there are just to many thoughts in my head. So what is the message of that movie? There must be one. Hmmm, wait. This wasn’t the right way to put the question. I think that each person interprets things in her/his own way. So it’s better to say: what I learned from movie is that many people are lost in their routine, waiting for their live to get better. Not many of them are brave enough to start improving it because other people might not approve a sudden »protest«. So they rather talk than act. And we are back to my question that is bothering me for a while: » How can we define happiness? « Is it good enough to feel safe and have a steady job which they hate and home with a husband that we don’t really like anymore or is there something more? Uf, so many unhappy faces as I have seen…But at least they know where is there place. Argh, are we dogs??? Oh well, I’m not saying I’m any better than other but at least I didn’t stop dreaming. Not yet. So my question is: Why do dreams end? Why do people stop dreaming and hoping? About a year ago my uncle told me:« Spela you are young. You’re full of fantasies and planes for the future. Soon you’ll stop dreaming as I did. « Nooooo!!! I was shocked. Why oh why? Is it true? In my opinion there is always a hope…until we stop hoping. Are dreams equal to hope? Yes, if we consider that dreams can come true. And no, if we consider dreams as something that’ll never happen but it would be nice if it would. My advice to you is: Don’t just dream. Do something. But first of all never stop dreaming. Dreams give us strength to carry on and to grab a chance for a better life. If we need one.


February 2, 2010 - Posted by | Thoughts about life

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